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The Festivities of Cusco

Jubilee of the Imperial City – Cusco

On January 8, 1944, it was agreed to celebrate on June 24 of each year, the Day of Cusco and the reinsertion for the universal culture of one of the greatest feasts of the Inca Empire: “The Inti Raymi”. The first celebration of the Day of Cusco, instituted in remembrance of its glorious past, was attended by the President of the Republic at the time, Dr. Manuel Prado. Since then the citizens of Cusco celebrate the jubilee month of the Imperial City with a series of ceremonial, artistic and cultural events, the same ones that attract thousands of national and foreign tourists.

It is a great celebration that lasts several weeks and that takes place during the month of June, we emphasize that during the holidays a lot of activities are developed and where the Andean living culture is revealed, but where you can also observe the expressions of other cultures, because Cusco is a cosmopolitan city. The Inca traditions are intermingled with religious traditions and these in turn are combined with modern celebrations, which creates a unique show in the world and that takes place throughout the city. The best and only way to empathize with a city that lives partying as the Millennial City of Cusco, is to understand the deep meaning of their celebrations and participate in them.

Main activities during the Jubilee Month:

Staging of the custom of the evening of the Most Holy Cross, a celebration of “Andean-Catholic” syncretism adapted to all Andean peoples. The performance is brilliantly performed by the artists of the Qosqo Native Art Center in the idyllic Plaza del Barrio de San Blas.

The tribute to the “Pachamama” is the act that marks the formal start of the Jubilee Month Festivities of The Magic City of Cusco and takes place in the Plaza de Armas of Cusco on the first Sunday of June or in its absence the most Near June, it has the collaboration of the city authorities and the Cusco population, as well as visitors, who offer the traditional “Hoja de Coca” and chicha, crying for the triumph of the Fiestas of Cusco and the fraternity that must govern in these celebrations.

The Municipality of Cusco, with the purpose of encouraging the participatory spirit of the population, has the general registration of the city with the multicolor insignia of the Millennial City of Cusco, throughout the month. In the same way it establishes the obligatory nature of the repainting of facades of the public and private dwellings in order that the city presents a welcoming aspect for its own and strangers.

Gleaming parades of the Educational Institutions of the initial, primary, secondary and superior level that make waste of vitality, beauty, colorful and ostentatious costumes, all this showing the joy and emotion in these jubilee parties, accompanied by the spectacular dances of the Cusco region .

Fascinating parade of allegorical representations of great size referred to our culture, made by the various estates and specialties of the School of Fine Arts which are prepared several months in advance.

The peaceful sky of the Incas, dazzles with magic and color with impressive special effects that cause admiration and enthusiasm of the immense crowd that gathers in the imposing Plaza de Armas from another point of the city.

It is a colossal manifestation of greeting to Cusco, where thousands of Cusco residents and citizens from the various regions that made up the Great Tawantinsuyo and citizens from all over the world converge in the Plaza de Armas in an endless overflow of emotion and symbolism.

Event that brings together the artistic expressions and native dances of the four of them in charge of the delegations that arrive in Cusco to greet the Millenary Capital of the Incas. The main day is June 24, the date on which the world famous “Inti Raymi” takes place. The festival of the Sun, was one of the main celebrations that took place in the Inca Empire, and that is commemorated on June 24 of each year.

Currently the representation of the same on the esplanade of the fortress of Sacsayhuaman, is the maximum event that takes place during the festivities of Cusco. The ceremony begins in the Qoricancha or Temple of the Sun, where the Inca and his entourage salute the Inti (the Sun God), then the Inca goes to the Plaza de Auqaypata (now Cusco’s Plaza de Armas), here the Inca performs the ceremony of the “Sacred Coca Leaf” and invokes the Apus; Once finished this staging, the Inca goes to the archaeological park of Sacsayhuaman, the surroundings of the fortress are conditioned so that tourists and the local population can observe the central ceremony, the pututos sound and start the commemoration, the Sinchi convenes to the representatives of the Four Suyos of the Inca Empire, and in the middle of music and dances the Inca makes his entrance. This ceremony had a religious character during the time of the Incas, and the current representation is very close to what it used to be; the display of the artists is very showy and spectacular, the Majestic Inca Culture returns for a moment and shows us its grandeur.

During the jubilee month of the cosmopolitan City of Cusco, there are many more activities, musical and cultural events, presentations of books and artistic works, parades, civic parades, food fairs and much more. You can see the ancient city of Cusco in all its splendor and with people from all over the world who give it a special atmosphere. To enjoy this colorful and effusive holiday, along with the touristic circuits in the mystical city of Cusco contact Waman Adventures a Cusco company that will provide you with all the advice to make your visit as memorable as possible, always with the guarantee and security that you it deserves.